Search Tips

What to search for

For effective searching, use a single word in the search box, or a phrase. The search tries to find an exact match in the name of the project, and the description. If you put too many terms in the search, then you will get few (or no) matches. The search does an AND search (all the words must be in the directory entry) not an OR search (searching for one or more of the words).

Using Course and Project Filter

Click "Courses" if you only want to see results that have courses associated with the directory entry. Click "Projects" to exclude courses. The default is both.

Using Section Filters

There are four additional filters:

  • Project Type
  • Area Served (geographical)
  • Category
  • School/College/Institute

If you select multiple items in one of these filters, the results returned will include projects that have any one of those values associated with them.

If you select items from several of these filters, the results returned must match on all of the groups you selected. Selecting all four filters produces a very specific search that may return no results.

No results returned

Try reducing the number of words in the search box, or reduce the number of filters you are using.

Too many results returned

You may get a better match to your search by using one or more of the section filters.


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