Educational Opportunity Center (EOC), a TRiO grant

'College Enrichment & Outreach Programs (CEOP) 
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Albuquerque, National, New Mexico State-wide, Tribal / Reservation
Project Description
1. Project Description:
The overall objective of the EOC program is to help adult, low-income, (potential) first-generation college students, get into college. Participants are not limited to that population, so we can help anyone, including High School students. The grant is a 5 year cycle, and each year within that cycle, we are required to serve 1000 participants.

2. What resources do you need?
-We need additional funds to pay for participants to take a GED test.
-We are working on transitioning to electronic forms that allow us to minimize data entry & associated mistakes.
-We are always looking for new partners to work with so that we can reach multiple people at once.
-We are also developing ways of providing outcome based data on our efforts.

3. What resources can you offer?
-Assistance getting a GED, including paying for the test fee
-Assistance applying to college/waiving college application fee
-Assistance completing FAFSA application
-Workshops for participants to complete and submit scholarship applications
-FAFSA Free for All out reach events: multiple college recruiters are present, we help participants complete FAFSA applications, we provide one $500 scholarship to a participant chosen by lottery.
-Presentations to large groups on college enrollment and financial resources for attending college.

Participation in our program requires the following:
-college ready (HS seniors, GED students, or HS/GED graduates)
-US citizen or documentation proving that they are in the process of gaining permanent residency.
-intent/willingness to go to college.

Contact Information:
Location Mailing Address

 400 cornell Dr. NE
UAEC Bldg, Suite 250
MSC 06 3715
Email Telephone
office 505-277-2203
Fax 505-277-8800
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