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The primary objective of my research is to examine empirically-based models of health behavior,
with an emphasis on applying advanced quantitative research methods (e.g., growth mixture
models, latent Markov models, dynamical systems theory) to better understand the complexities
of successful health behavior change. To date, my research has largely centered on studying
alcohol relapse, defined as the return to problematic alcohol use after a period of abstention
or moderate use. Specifically, I have developed a theoretical model of the biopsychosocial
influences on post-treatment alcohol use and have conducted numerous empirical studies on the
prediction of alcohol relapse following treatment. These efforts have led to several empirical
investigations on the mechanisms of successful alcohol treatment outcomes, as well as the
development of interventions to prevent alcohol and substance use relapse.

Specific areas of interest include:
Substance use relapse and relapse prevention interventions
Mindfulness interventions for substance use and gambling
Longitudinal data analysis
Quantitative models of behavior change
Initiation of substance use and the development of substance use problems in adolescents
Interventions to reduce smoking among college student binge drinkers
Enhancing tobacco cessation quitline effectiveness

I will be accepting graduate students for the 2012-2013 academic year, please email katie.witkiewitz@gmail.com for more information.

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1 University of New Mexico
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 1 University of New Mexico
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Katie Witkiewitz katie.witkiewitz@gmail.com
Katie Witkiewitz (505)886-1627
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Katie Witkiewitz

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