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Also known as the Society and the Environment, this Himalayan Study Abroad Program features environmental and cultural classes, guest lectures, visits to the origin and the exit points of the Bagmati River in the valley, cultural and religious sites in Kathmandu, and nature hikes. Students engage in a sustainable development project. Efforts are made to do a comparison between the Bagmati River and the Rio Grande River systems.

Students pay their airfare. The student fees cover room and board and other logistical expenses including the honorarium for guest lectures in Nepal. Small grants are written to cover some of the room and board expenses. Volunteers also contribute to cover the sustainable development project --Model Village project.
Undergraduate students are strongly suggested to take Econ 203 (Society and the Environment), but others are also welcome.

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Department: Economics
Course #: Econ 395 (Econ 203)
Frequency: Done once, plan to d


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