Mercedes y Acequias: Land, Water, and Cultural Landscapes of NM

Chicano Hispano Mexicano Studies 
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Albuquerque, New Mexico State-wide
Project Description
This UNM Field School is organized in partnership with the New Mexico Acequia Association. We are compiling documentation for a UNESCO nomination of the Acequia Systems and Culture of NM and Northern Mexico for World Heritage recognition.

A field based survey of the Acequia Culture and Landscapes of New Mexico, based on the folkways associated with traditional management of water, historic land grants, and agriculture. This overview of the ecology, history, ethnography, and sustainable systems of the region is accompanied by training in digital documentary technology, interview techniques, field notes, archiving, analysis, and the ethics of cultural representation. Two weeks of fieldwork will be conducted in the middle Río Grande Valley, Tijeras Canyon, and Cuba, plus one week in the Mora Valley of northern NM.



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Department: CHMS
Course #: 393
Frequency: Summer


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