Resource Center for Raza Planning RCRP

School of Architecture and Planning
Jacobo Martinez
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New Mexico State-wide
Project Description
Resourse Center for Raza Planning RCRP was formed to contribute to the community development efforts of traditional communities in New Mexico. The goal of RCRP is to maintain the sustainability and survivability of our traditional communities. We promote integration between higher education and our traditional communities through the application of planning processes and techniques. RCRP conceives planning as a multi-disciplinary, intergenerational, directly responsive to community needs, and developed through ongoing, long-term relationships.

The Resource Center for Raza Planning utilizes community service as a vehicle to enhance the academic experience and ensure the successful completion of students’ academic goals. Through RCRP, students have performed valuable, significant, and necessary service that has direct and clearly identifiable benefits to local communities. Projects are in the realm of economic policy and development; sector planning; infrastructure development including water, sewer, drainage and road improvements; site designs; community impact assessments; surveys; youth curriculum; and facilitating public participation processes.

The Resource Center for Raza Planning has four major objectives:
1. Produce research and policy analysis of planning issues affecting traditional communities
2. Partner with other organizations to promote effective strategies for community development
3. Produce, compile, and distribute educational material
4. Generate and nurture a pipeline of individuals interested in planning and development issues and planning education
University Student (preferably graduate)- Work well with the community
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UNM Main Campus
2414 Central SE
 UNM Main Campus
MSC04 2530
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Jacobo Martinez
Jacobo Martinez 505-277-8526
Resource Center for Raza Planning

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