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The Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center (HSLIC) is the only federally-designated library serving the health science information needs of the state. The purpose of HSLIC's Distance Services Program is to ensure that local unaffiliated or underserved populations are knowledgeable about health databases and biomedical information resources. HSLIC has served as the states National Network of Libraries of Medicine Resource Library for 20 years. It is the only academic health sciences library in New Mexico, and has a full-time Distance Services Librarian to support outreach activities.

The goal of the Distance Services Program is to make HSLIC a visible, trusted and respected source of health information in the state. To this end, the Distance Services Program works to meet the following five objectives:
1. Develop and continue partnerships with organizations that have similar missions in order to get the broadest reach across the state. As part of the Distance Services Program, the Native American Health Information Services (NAHIS) Program connects Native Americans to quality health information (
2. Offer training classes on National Library of Medicine (NLM) Resources including MedlinePlus and PubMed.
3. Promote Distance Services to increase visibility of the program throughout state.
4. Leverage time and resources by using technology to offer services at a distance.
5. Develop health information resources to serve the state, including New Mexico Health Connection (, Native Health Databases (, and Tribal Connections Four Corners Go Local

The Distance Services Program, including NAHIS, provides services to health professionals, including physicians, the public health workforce, allied health professionals, and health consumers. The reach of the Distance Services Program is broadened through the development of strategic partnerships and through the use of technology to provide training at a distance. The Distance Services Program provides health information resource delivery, development and training for the health sciences campus, and health professionals and health consumers throughout the state.

Training reaches 200 - 300 individuals each year. The New Mexico Health Connection online directory serves 5000 - 6000 people each month. The Native Health Databases serves 24,000 people each year, with more than 2000 articles delivered to requesters.
Any New Mexican is elibible for Distance Services, and our health information databases have the potential for world-wide access.
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