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In 1993, the New Mexico Legislature passed several laws designed to combat the problem of drunk driving in the state. The legal intoxication level was lowered, stiffer penalties and fines for offenders were implemented and an informational class was instituted and required for first-time licensees in New Mexcio.

In cooperation with the New Mexcio Traffic Safety Bureau, the UNM Division of Continuing Education provides the DWI Prevention and Education course, 'None for the Road.' This course, though certainly not a cure-all, is meant to focus attention on the serious DWI problem in New Mexcio. It informs the driver about driving-while-impaired (DWI) laws and prevention. All first-time licensees in New Mexico, between the ages of 18 through 24 (this is the legislated age range, effective January 1, 2000) are required to take the awareness class. This class is offered as a home-study course, and is made available through the mail.Course materials include a student workbook that is used in conjunction with a video. The class fee is $20.00 per person. Fees are used to subsidize program adminisration costs. Persons required to take the course may obtain a 'None for the Road' flyer/application directly from any local Motor Vehicle Department.

All first-time licensees in New Mexico, between the age of 18 through 24 are required to take the awareness class.
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None for the Road DWI Awareness Program

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