A World in Motion-Formula SAE Race Car

Mechanical Engineeering 
Dr. John Russell
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Project Description
The class will receive a request from a toy company to produce either a skimmer or balloon car with a specified performance. Over a three week period - 2 classes per week - the students will perform the required engineering design to produce either of the two vehicles. The UNM student Formula SAE team will guide that work. This is unique in that in a normal program the course is taught by the teacher with an engineer consulting - here the students will lead the project.It is a naional program developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers to introduce engineering in grades K-12. It will introduce engineering to a 5th grade class at Monte Vista Elementary School.
5th grader at Monte Vista Elementary School

Course Information

Department: Mechanical Engineering
Course #: 406/407/408
Frequency: Once per year


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UNM - Main Campus
Mechanical Engineering
Room 328

 MSC01 1150
1 University of New Mexico
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Dr. John Russell jjrussel@unm.edu

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