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Physical Performane and Development 
Len Kravitz
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An important aspect in the preparation of exercise scientists is practical hands on experience in the health promotion/fitness workplace. In many cases, students have been offered employment after graduation by the workplace where they have completed their internship. The student will spend 12 hours per week in one semester at the fitness/health promotion facility. Activities typically include fitness testing, exercise prescription, program development, exercise counseling, exercise supervision and exercise leadership. In addition, experience in program planning, data management, fiscal management, communication and conducting presentations may be included. The objectives of the internship are to: 1. Provide the student with an opportunity to work in a fitness or clinical program in order to experience actual work conditions in a different setting under the supervision of professionals outside of the University (academic) environment. 2. Refine and gain confidence in the skills developed in the exercise science program. 3. Provide the opportunity to work effectively with professional colleagues 4. Allow the student to assess personal strengths/weaknesses as an exercise leader 5. Gain insights concerning the financial/business aspects of running a fitness/health promotion
Current enrollment in or successful completion (C or better) of PEP 470 Designs for Fitness; Screened into the College of Education

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Department: PEP
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Frequency: Every semester/summe

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