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The UNM Manufacturing Training and Technology Center, on the UNM Science and Technology Park (STP), is a facility for workforce development, technology development, and economic development. To this end, the MTTC houses the UNM Manufacturing Engineering Program (MEP), classrooms, lab spaces, a semiconductor/MEMS cleanroom, and private companies (as cleanroom users, and/or as tenants). The MTTC hosts mutli-tiered (high school, community college and university levels) training in the area of semiconductors and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), and small start-up companies that are seeking to demonstrate manufacturable prototypes (in order to secure venture capital for large scale manufacturing at other sites). It is noted that for the calendar year 2005, the private tenants of the MTTC raised $55M in venture capital, which was 40% of the $140M total VC raised in NM that year). Some of the technologies of these companies originated from university or federal labs. The MTTC Cleanroom will be completing a $3.4M Phase II expansion by the end of 2006, which will provide enhanced space and process capabilities for training, research and commercialization activities. A $1.8M Phase III cleanroom construcation will begin in 2007. The MTTC Cleanroom project has received considerable equipment from the private sector, including Intel, Philips Semiconductor, Next Generation Economy, Sandia National Laboratories, AT&T, and others. The MEP received a $620k award from NSF in 2005, for the purchase of a DRIE and parylene tools, which will enchance the cleanroom process capabilities for bioMEMS (which will engage faculty and students from the UNM schools of engineering, science, medicine and business). The MTTC Cleanroom is also a training venue for the NSF ATE-funded Southwest Center for MEMS Education (SCME, with the Central New Mexico CC serving as the prime). Annually, the MTTC Cleanroom trains approximately 100 students per year, in addition to the training of regional high-school faculty, and nationwide community college faculty. The cleanroom has also been providing prototyping capacity for several regional small companies (e.g, MEMX, Surfect, AgilOptics, Emcore). And, the MTTC Cleanroom utility infrastructure has enabled Advent Solar to develop a prototype process line for its innovative solar panels (Advent Solar is now constructing a large-scale manufacturing plant at the near-by Mesa del Sol work-live development tract, and is projected to generate 1,000 jobs in the State).

New Mexico, with technologies and ideas emerging from its educational and research institutes, large corporate anchors, and federal labs, needs high-tech capacity to mature technologies and retain their impact regionally. The MTTC and its cleanroom, which support training development, technology development, and economic development, is designed to provide capacity needs in targeted technologies (e.g, biomed, semiconductors/MEMS).
1. Students enrolled in selected UNM courses, that utilize the MTTC Cleanroom. 2. Students enrolled in CNMCC SMT and MEMS courses, that utilize the MTTC Cleanroom. 3. Companies and researchers, that pay fees for use of the MTTC Cleanroom. 4. Tenants that pay rent to UNM STP.

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1. The MTTC houses the UNM Manufacturing Engineering Program. 2. The MTTC Cleanroom supports semiconductor and MEMS courses offered by UNM (e.g., ECE-574 Microprocessing, ECE-595 MEMS, ChNE-586 Process Design) and CNMCC (e.g, various MEMS courses). 3. The MTTC Cleanroom supports training of regional and national HS and CC instructors. These faculty learn how to build a MEMS device during week-long short courses. For HS faculty, this supports their No Child Left Behind proficiency certification requirements.   

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Manufacturing Engineering
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