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The University of New Mexico Cancer Research and Treatment Center in collaboration with UNM College of Nursing, New Mexico Department of Health, New Mexico Primary Care Association, NM Indian Health Services, and American Cancer Society are in the early planning stage to develop women's health outreach services to rural and underserved populations in New Mexico.

The project will require purchase of RV-type vehicle from vendor specializing in factory retrofits of screening and diagnostic equipment related to women's health services: mammography, cervical cancer testing, referral services for diagnostic care and follow-up. Breast cancer and cervical cancer survival rates are hugely dependent upon access to (and utilization of) early detection services.

Inequities currently exist regarding access to these services, particularly in rural areas of the state. Service areas to be prioritized include rural Native American and Hispanic areas, U.S./Mexico border towns, rural northern New Mexico mountainous regions, and other remote and underserved locations. While breast cancer is diagnosed less often among ethnic minority groups, it is often diagnosed at a later stage. Lower use of breast cancer screening, such as mammography, may contribute to the later diagnosis among these population groups. Inequities currently exist regarding access to breast and cervical cancer screening in New Mexico. Mammography rates in New Mexico vary by ethnic group and geographic population area. In New Mexico, 35% of Native American women and 26% of Hispanic women age 40-49 reported never having a mammogram, while 21% of Non-Hispanic White women report the same lack of care. In addition, timely cervical cancer screening and treatment virtually eliminates the progression of many forms of this disease, and with the advent of cervical cancer vaccination technology, public health outreach with this new life-saving tool will be of paramount importance.
Women with and without health insurance will be able to participate
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