English 418/518 Proposal and Grant Writing

Department of English Language and Literature 
Valerie Thomas
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Albuquerque, New Mexico State-wide, Santa Fe, Tribal / Reservation, xx Other - specify in notes
Project Description
This course teaches students how to write persuasive grant, research, and business proposals. They learn how to locate funding opportunities and evaluate requests for proposals. Drawing off the principles of rhetorical analysis, students learn how to develop a clear statement of need, offer achievable objectives, design logical step-by-step plans, create specific and accurate budgets, and present organizations powerfully. Students also study methods of writing persuasively that are ethical and effective as well as document design to create a professional proposal package.

Course Objectives After completing this course, students should be able to:
-Understand how to evaluate the funding and rhetorical needs of an organization.
-Locate and evaluate funding opportunities.
-Analyze purpose, readers, and contexts.
-Perform necessary primary and secondary research.
-Create an effective grant proposal.
-Incorporate document design to enhance your proposal's readability and professional quality. -Develop problem solving and critical thinking abilities that you can apply in other courses and your chosen profession.
-Communicate effectively and professionally with other students and members of the outside community.
-Develop empathy, respect, and the ability to deal fairly with individuals who have perspectives different from your own.
-Experience community involvement as a means of understanding your role as an active member of society.
Students who enroll in the course are upper-division undergraduate, graduate, or non-degree students. The organizations that I connect with my students must have a project they would like to obtain funding for and a person within the organization who will work with the student as they write the proposal.
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