Arsenic Outreach Program for Small Communities in NM

Civil Engineering Water Resources Program 
Bruce Thomson
Geographic Area Served

Albuquerque, New Mexico State-wide, Santa Fe, Tribal / Reservation
Project Description
This project involves collaboration between UNM, NMTech and Sandia National Laboratories. A new standard for arsenic in drinking water impacts 90 water utilities in NM and about 4,000 utilities in the U.S. Technical assistance is being provided to water utilities throughout the state and the Native American Pueblos in NM that have high arsenic concentrations in their drinking water. Most of these utilities can not comply with the new standard without technical and financial assistance. the project's objective is to provide technical assistance to approxiametly 90 small water utilities in NM that must comply with a new drinking water standard for arsenic. These utilities generally have no technical expertise or consultants, and no financial ability to comply with this new, very expensive requirement. The project helps them identify technologies and in many cases, funding sources, that can be applied to the problem.
Any small water utility in NM, including those with the tribes and pueblos, is eligible for technical assistance from this project.
Contact Information:
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UNM - Main Campus
Civil Engineering
Tapy Hall 122
 UNM Main Campus
Civil Engineering
MSC 01-1070
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Dr. Bruce Thomson

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