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Albuquerque, National, New Mexico State-wide, Tribal / Reservation
Project Description
Senator Domenici initially helped acquire federal funding for the Utton Center to help states avoid interstate litigation over shared water resources. In addition, the Center has involved water users
in workshops, provided education, and performed research all generally related to the avoidance of litigation and provision of water. Water litigation is costly and does not result in good water management. Helping stakeholders understanding each others' values and needs helps diminish litigation and support cooperative water and resource management.

1. Avoid litigation over water and natural resources by using multi-disciplinary expertise, science-based and fact-based information to help stakeholders manage shared water and other natural resources.
2. Less reliance on litigation to manage water and resources.
3. Provide opportunities for diverse water users to come together to share points of view, experience, and knowledge with regard to shared resources.
4. Perform research on topics that support the above.
5. Sponsor workshops and other educational opportunities on water and natural resources.
6. Serve as the Ombudsman for the state court water rights adjudication program to help pro se parties understand the litigation process.
7. Participate in the Middle Rio Grande water collaborative assisting members to work together to respond to the needs of the parties and the demands of the law.
8. Represent the Governor on the NM/Chihuahua Border Commission Water Work Table and the Border Governor's Conference.
9. Perform contracts for state agencies, especially the Office of the State Engineer.

The Center supports 'preventive diplomacy,' ways to avoid litigation, support collaboration, and bring multidisciplinary expertise to water and transboundary natural resource issues.

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