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Gabriel P. Lopez
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Project Description
The PREM will be working with NM teachers and students grades K-12 to teach them a variety of experiments/examples that they can do in the classroom. The idea is to get youth excited and more knowledgeable about the variety or options that are available in an engineering field. In addition, the grant will be recruiting minority graduates, undergraduates from UNM and SIPI and high school students to work with the program and do presentations in the APS classrooms. Partnering with Harvard will allow students and faculty an opportuntity to do team based research and have access to Harvards expertise and equipment to faciliate biomaterials research. Students will also have access to new course offerings, network with reaserch professionals, build professional delvelopment resources and will gain community outreach experience.

To establish a comprehensive research program in biomaterials that include researchers from the 4 partner institutions. Besides taking science to the classroom. There will be subprojects and a seed project for: High Performance Materials for Low Cost Diagnostices; Smart Materials for Manipulating Cell/Surface and Cell/Cell Interactions; Emulsion Droplets for High Throughput DNA Sequencing and Influence of Active Materials on Cellular Function.

The project was developed as part of a research proposal to build collaborations with Harvard, Albuquerque Public Schools, the Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute. The goal is to establish a tradition in minority materials education and enhancing the educational research infastructure in NM. The perceived public need is to get the community more involved and interested in materials research and education. It could also lead to the first biomedical engineering educational program in New Mexico.
APS teachers are able to participate, minority students are able to work on the project but all students are welcome to take part in the program.

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Courses on Biomaterials and biomedical engineering. The department is the Center for Biomedical Engineering.   

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