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Phyllis Perrin Wilcox
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Albuquerque, New Mexico State-wide, Santa Fe
Project Description
The annual spring project, Vision Day, is written into the curriculum of the SIGN 214 Lexical Semantics course. The course is a required course in the baccalaureate degree, Signed Language Interpreting, which is found within the Department of Linguistics. This course acknowledges that there may be some apprehension found between people who can hear and people who are deaf. The annual event attempts to bring future interpreters in close, amenable contact with people who will be meeting one another in later years in serious or intimate situations (interpreting situations). The deaf people have an opportunity to meet these future professionals on a more social basis, leading to trust that is important when a stranger (interpreter) enters their private and personal lives. The students gain from the interaction with their future consumers, and benefit by using the target language (American Sign Language) they have been taught in formal situations. The students prepare the entire event, starting at the beginning of the spring semester. Crews are assigned and they must find the location for the annual event; refreshments from local supporting businesses; plan games and interaction for people of varying ages; make individual contact with the Deaf person assigned to them (either through the teletypewriter; the relay service or email) and they must learn how to use these communicative systems prior to the contact (only deaf people who have given their permission to be contacted are involved); create ice-breakers that are appropriate for deaf and hearing interaction, and so forth. It is the culmination of a semester-long project and has been extremely successful for the past 20 years. Students later meet their deaf Buddy in the local hospitals, schools, police offices, businesses, universities, etc and are thrilled to see a familiar, friendly face in what can often be initially difficult situations. It is calming to realize that they know this stranger that is about to enter their personal lives through the interpreting process.
Students enrolled in SIGN 214 Lexical semantics course . The Deaf and hard of hearing individuals that are invited to attend are initially approved by the course instructor. They are respected members found within the state-wide Deaf Community.

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Department: SIGN
Course #: 214
Frequency: Every Spring
Pre-requisite: SIGN 201  

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