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Dr. Sheri Metzger Karmiol
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Legacy of Gender: Women's Quest for Power; this course asks students to research community agencies that can be used for poor or disadvantaged women who need help with housing, childcare, medical access, language skills, or job training; there are 2 sections offered. Women & Families: Creating Community-Based Success; this course asks students to volunteer time at one of several local community agencies that serve women's needs; students will research the kinds of needs served by these agencies and how they can be improved; they will then create proposals to make women's outreach programs more accessible. and work with community agencies to determine the viability of their proposals. Genocide and Intolerance; this course requires that students work with the NM Holocaust & Intolerance Museum in a series of research and community outreach programs. Students will be trained as docents at the museum; they will also be trained to conduct presentations at local elementary and secondary schools; student research will be transformed into informational guides that can be given to museum visitors; students wil also be trained in interviewing techniques and may be called upon to interview people who have experienced war and intolerance.

All three courses require that students understand the goals and obligations of these community agencies and reuires that students become engaged with serving the needs of the community.
Students must be enrolled in the University Honors Program for the 2 courses that deal with women and family issues. For the Holocaust & Intolerance class, about one third of the seats will be open to university students outside of the University Honors Program.

Course Information

Department: Univ Honors
Course #: 121-002 & 018
Frequency: Every Fall
All course are offered in University Honors. Each fall at least one section of Univ Honors 121 Legacy of Gender will be offered, with the Univ Honors 222 Women and Families class offered as a follow up class in the spring. The Univ Honors 401 Holocaust & Intolerance class will be offered every fall and spring and possibly during the occasional summer semester.   

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