Sustainability Studies Program

Sustainability Studies Program 
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Project Description
Problem: Human enterprise has radically changed Earth's ability to support life, thereby disrupting global, regional, and local processes central to security, health, and economic wellbeing. Solution: The Sustainability Studies Program at UNM provides leadership and solutions to tackle the sustainability challenge. Knowledge from the sciences, humanities and arts will percolate through collaborations both on and off campus. Sustainability Studies facilitates new career paths and job opportunities in the development of sustainable: energies: solar, wind, biomass and vegetable fuels, etc. design: architecture, neighborhoods, rural-urban interactions, building and construction technologies: transportation, water re-use, local food production, waste disposal, water retention, etc. decision making: urban planning, public transportation, public policy, resource use, art, culture, economics, etc. collaborations: academic, business, community, state, non-profit, global.

Rationale: Competitive Advantage The program creates venues for students and faculty to cultivate healthier and more environmentally benign forms of production. Dynamic Interdisciplinarity Sustainability Studies undertakes multidisciplinary research and collaborations to create, sustainable energy sources, design, transportation, built environments, consumer choices, and development in line with a civil discourse reckoned with environmental wellbeing.

Strategic Goals Sustainability Studies at UNM will:
1. Aid in student Recruitment and Retention
2. Educate the Emerging Majority and Native American Students
3. Encourage Donors and Public Funding Agencies

Vision Statement for the UNM Sustainability Program: UNM is poised for a comprehensive Sustainability Program. The program will empower the next generation to catalyze the most extraordinary epoch in human history since the industrial revolution. The shift in the world economy over the next 20 years will abandon environmental overexploitation in favor of values, choices, and practices that enable economic futures via adaptive innovations.

Mission Statement: The Sustainability Program spawns experiential learning, research, and service activities to create sustainable futures at community, state, federal, and international levels. Foci:
1. Undergraduate minor beginning Spring 2007 spanning six colleges to explore sustainability via experiential learning
2. Stimulation of sustainable practices on campus relating to the basic needs: health, food, shelter, transportation and the individual realization of sustainable norms
3. Entrepreneurial engagements with the broader community, including industry, business and government, to empower students as innovators of sustainable strategies
4. Proliferation of sustainability studies programs and practices via demonstration projects and synergistic activities.
Students enrolled at UNM. The program will soon offer an undergraduate minor degree.

Course Information

Department: SUST
Course #: 134, 334, 434, 499


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Sustainability Studies Program
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Sustainability Studies Program
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Dr. Bruce Milne
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Sustainability Studies Program

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