APD-UNM Research Partnership

Department of Sociology 
Dr. Richard Wood
Geographic Area Served

Albuquerque, New Mexico State-wide
Project Description
Ongoing police- and community-led organizational reform within the Albuquerque Police Department. Internship experience for UNM criminology students with the APD.More realistic and insightful teaching of police-related courses at UNM.Fostering of better understanding of policing by UNM criminologists and better analysis of organizational challenges by APD leadership. In partnership with reformist leaders within the Albuquerque Police Department to acquire Funding from the National Institute of Justice to the APD-UNM Research Partnership. I led a team tProjects has evolved of several years of research on the impact (and lack thereof) of community policing on urban neighborhoods, and on the most effective strategies for community-linked police reform.
APD personnel or UNM students.

Course Information

Department: Sociology
Course #: 412
Frequency: Once per year
Senior-level course Police and Society 

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UNM - Main Campus
Dept of Sociology
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MSC 05 3080
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