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The listserv (dysnet-l@unm.edu) allows learning-different students and families to share information with each other. Service providers such as Larry Fuller are also on the list and often answer questions raised by other list members, such as how do you get school districts to pay for private school? How does one find an Orton-Gillingham trained tutor and get the school district to pay for tutoring?

The listserv was developed because parents attending the SWIDA meetings had a need for networking and support. Parent networking sessions are always crowded, and there is never enough time to deal with all parents' concerns. The assessment funding proposal was written because Accessibility Services must tell c. 30 students a year that UNM does not fund assessments for learning disabilities. Private assessments typically cost $500, and not all students have health insurance that covers such services.

Nonetheless, an evaluation is necessary before services can be provided. This project will allow undiagnosed New Mexico college students with suspected learning disabilities to apply for an evaluation scholarship through the SWIDA Scholarship program. In addition, all students funded for an evaluation scholarship will be required to attend the annual February SWIDA conference at which they will learn a great deal more about their learning differences and meet other dyslexics who have succeeded at school and at work

College students who show in a screening test that they may have diagnosable dyslexia.
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