Poison and Drug Information Center

Ina T. Bawaya
Geographic Area Served

New Mexico State-wide
Project Description
The Poison Center's education and outreach department seeks to make all New Mexicans aware of our services, and to educate New Mexicans about poison prevention. Student pharmacists are trained in public education and outreach, and are required to give a public presentation on poison prevention

The goals of the poison information service are to:
1.Provide expert, 24-hour assistance to the citizens of New Mexico during possible poisoning emergencies.
2.Reduce the costs associated with poisoning by treating less severe exposures at home with Center guidance.
3.Train health care professionals in the field of clinical toxicology.
4.Expand knowledge in the field of clinical toxicology through an active research program.
5.Prevent poisonings through toxicosurveillance, education, regulation, and collaboration with local, state and federal agencies.

The goals of the drug information service are to:
1. Provide individualized, accurate, relevant and unbiased information to consumers and healthcare professionals regarding medication-related inquiries.
2. Help train pharmacists to be drug information providers.


Contact Information:
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MSC09 5080
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Ina T. Bawaya IBawaya@salud.unm.edu
Ina T. Bawaya (505) 272-4261
Poison Center

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