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Research Interests
Research in my laboratory focuses on the clinical neuroscience of major mental illnesses, with special focus on criminal psychopathy, substance abuse, and psychotic disorders (i.... more
A World in Motion-Formula SAE Race Car
The class will receive a request from a toy company to produce either a skimmer or balloon car with a specified performance. Over a three week period - 2 classes per week - the students will perform t... more
Access to Justice
Teaches law students about providing civil legal services to poor clients in the United States by educating future lawyers about the history of providing civil legal services to the poor in the US, m... more
Adult Basic Education
Adult Basic Education, ESL classes, Skills Review prior to College Placement Testing for the communities of Gallup and Zuni... more
Adult Basic Education/Beginning ESL
... more
Adult Basic Education/ESL
Completion of GED in both English and Spanish.
Improvement of basic skills, employability skills, English language acquisition for speakers of other languages, citizenship preparation, civic educ... more
African Refugee Well-being Project
The African Refugee Well-being Project (ARWP) is a community-based participatory research study with the goal of promoting the mental health and well-being of refugees in New Mexico through an innovat... more
Agora Crisis Center
Agora was created in response to a UNM student's suicide in 1970. The community had no resources for people to access in times of need. Agora is available to all who need it and the volunteers are tr... more
Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Water Resources Advisory Committee
The Advisory Committee was given a number of tasks and issues to prioritize with a view to setting long term, sustainable water policy in the City of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County. Our focus has b... more
Albuquerque Community Learning Centers Project (ACLCP)
To strengthen the whole child physically, cognitively and linguistically, socially, and emotionally by connecting them with: structured learning experiences during out-of-school time; frequent and var... more
Albuquerque Folk Festival
The Albuquerque Folk Festival provides an opportunity for the public to experience, learn and participate in folk music, song, dance, and storytelling through educational workshops, demonstrations and... more
Alfonso Ortiz Center for Intercultural Studies
The Alfonso Ortiz Center for Intercultural Studies, at the Maxwell Museum, seeks to generate ideas and programs that will foster community involvement through meaningful dialog, mutual collaboration, ... more
Annual Vision Day
The annual spring project, Vision Day, is written into the curriculum of the SIGN 214 Lexical Semantics course. The course is a required course in the baccalaureate degree, Signed Language Interpretin... more
APD-UNM Research Partnership
Ongoing police- and community-led organizational reform within the Albuquerque Police Department. Internship experience for UNM criminology students with the APD.More realistic and insightful teac... more
Applied cognitive psychology, human factors and computer modeling
Research Interests
Applied cognitive psychology, human factors, and computer modeling. The general theme of my research centers on assessing and representing knowledge and skill. My current efforts... more
Archaeology Program
Provides the public with information about archaeology, and identify the items that people bring to UNM, looking for an expert. Offers public talks on archaeology and identify artifacts (or whatever ... more
Architecture 503 Community Studio
The course, Arch 503 Community Studio is part of the Master of Architecture degree curriculum. It's purpose is to introduce students to issues related to designing for communities in terms of archit... more
Architecture 502: Design & Technology
This is required course in the graduate program for architecure. We attempt to expand its' pedagogical impact by having the students work with a client on a real design problem that can benefit from ... more
Architecture and Children
Architecture and Children is a course and where architecture students learn teaching techniques using architecture and design as a way of teaching math, science, social studies and art. Architecture ... more
Arsenic Outreach Program for Small Communities in NM
This project involves collaboration between UNM, NMTech and Sandia National Laboratories. A new standard for arsenic in drinking water impacts 90 water utilities in NM and about 4,000 utilities in th... more
The mission of the Arts-in-Medicine Program at The University of New Mexico is to transform the medical environment towards optimum healing by facilitating transformative, educational and rejuvenating... more
Assessment and treatment of alcoholism, behavioral approaches to marital problem
Research Interests
My enduring interest is in the use of science to improve the lives of individuals with psychological problems. My program of research focuses on three major areas: (1) the develo... more
Assessment of Hispanic Specific Attitudes Regarding Health Coverage Reform in Ne
Access to adequate and affordable health care is an issue receiving a lot of attention by both state and federal governments. In New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson established a task force to explore... more
Attention, cognitive control, aging, neuroscience
I am interested in how the mind controls itself. How do we selectively process one stimulus while avoiding distraction from other stimuli? Can salient stimuli (like a flashing banner ad on the web) ... more
Behavioral interventions for addictions including Motivational Interviewing
Research Interests
I am interested in process research focused on understanding mechanisms of efficacy for behavioral interventions for addictions, including motivational interviewing. I am also in... more
Blacks in The West
Enhance the studies of Blacks in The West from 639BC to 1899 and to provide information from the research in this area for publication.This project provides hands on research skills for student intern... more
Body image and eating disorders, substance abuse and chronic mental illness
Ongoing Research Interests

Eating Disorders & Obesity: One main interest is in determining why ethnic minority women prematurely drop out of weight management treatment, and how to address this... more
Career Expo
Career Expo brings local, national and international employers to the university to meet with current UNM students, alumni, and community members engaged in current job search.

Held annually in... more
Center for Latin American Resources and Outreach CLARO
CLARO was establish in 1997 as the outreach branch for then Latin American Institute under Dr. Gilbert with the purpose of disseminating cultural awareness in all its aspects of Latin America and Iber... more
Center for Native American Health
Our mission is improve the health status of Native Americans in NM through building healthy partnerships with UNM, the state, Indian Health Service and tribal communities.We serve all 22 tribes and ur... more
Center for the Mathematics Education of Latinas/os (CEMELA)
The Center for the Mathematics Education of Latinas/os (CEMELA) has the following goals:

*To develop an integrated knowledge model that connects mathematics teaching and learning to the cultura... more
Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and Addictions CASAA
Our mission is to provide the highest quality in consultation, recruitment, data acquisition, and data entry and management by national and international standards. We have served numerous projects a... more
Central NM Science & Engineering Research Challenge Regional Science Fair
The Central NM Science & Engineering Research Challenge (formerly NWNM Regional Science & Engineering Fair) has served students, teachers, and parents since 1959. Science fairs clearly require studen... more
Child Healthy Weight in Albuquerque: Participatory Assessment for Health Policy
The original project was proposed to explore weight problems and associated health disparities in a participatory environment with APS staff and members of the Physical Activity and Nutrition Advisory... more
Clinical and experimental neuropsychology, neuroimaging,
Research Interests (As of May 2011)

Two broad themes characterize recent research projects.

The first area concerns genetic/evolutionary perspectives on individual variation in brain dev... more
Clinical child psychology and health psychology
Research Interests
My research interests within the broader Clinical Child Psychology and Health Psychology domains are situated more proximally within Pediatric Psychology. These interests incorpo... more
Clinical Law Program
Our clinic attempts to address the unmet need for legal services in the community, while training students in effective practice skills and professional ethics.

Law students working under the s... more
Community Outreach Academic Research
Community education - making families aware of symptoms and signs of bleeding disorders; making community Hospital Emergency Room (ER) physicians and nurses aware of bleeding disorders, their manageme... more
Compensation planning
... more
Congregations and Public Life Project
Congregations and Public Life is a major national study of the impact of democratic engagement on Latino, African-American, Anglo, and immigrant congregations in low- and middle-income settings in thi... more
Corinne Wolfe Children
The Children's Law Center seeks to improve the knowledge and skills of the judges, attorneys, and other professionals and volunteers who work with children and families in the abuse/neglect and juven... more
CRP 515 Galisteo Watershed Restoration Project Natural Resources Planning
Objectives (1) Development of participatory GIS pilot model in collaboration with NM Environment Department for identification of potential hazards to NM communities due to land use change (2) Analys... more
Cultural and cognition, psychophysiology, psychopathlolgy
Research Interests
I believe culture counts. Culture is infused in all of our beings influencing how we think, feel, and behave. My research has evolved into a mental health disparities focus. I am... more
Cultural Enrichment Series
The Cultural Enrichment Series brings a wide variety of informational lectures and entertainment from cultures around the world and in subjects of all disciplines to the Valencia County Community.It b... more
Degenerative brain function; teaching of psych; forensic psychology
Research Interests
My current research interests focus on learning and teaching at the university level in general and the best ways students learn and professors teach introductory psychology in ... more
Design and Planning Assistance Center
Since 1969 DPAC has (1) taught students about work with public clients, (2) provided design and planning services to non-profits, community groups, and municipalities throughout the state. Graduate st... more
Disciplinary Discretion in a Diverse Albuquerque High School: A Study of Racial,
This is a grant in progress. For more information contact Nancy Lopez -

... more
Division of Iberian and Latin American Resources and Services DILARES
As one of the top five Latin American & Iberian research collections in the U. S., it was important to publicize and promote it to the UNM and international academic communities, as well as local orga... more
Do Vulnerable Populations Enjoy Improved Health During Periods of Economic Growt
This is a grant in progress. For mote info contact:
Matias Fontenla -
... more
Dream Makers Health Careers Clubs
The Dream Makers Program wishes to stimulate interest in medical and other health professions, especially among New Mexico's financially or educationally disadvantaged populations and to increase awa... more
Drug Coverage, Utilization and Health in the Rheumatoid Arthritic Elderly Popula
The project evaluates the effect of prescription drug insurance coverage on prescription drug use and health among elderly patience with arthritis. Estimates are obtained using multivariate regression... more
Evaluate children with birth defects, genetic syndromes, metabolic disease, etc. Make diagnoses, provide genetic counseling, prognosis, education, support and medical management for the families and ... more
EAT ~ Everyone’s At the Table: Students Working with Communities to Create Sus
Project Aims:

Addressing hunger and healthcare needs in rural New Mexico.

Partnering with NM food banks, mobile healthcare vans, and other community partners.

Using service learni... more
Economic and Fiscal Impact Studies
For many years, BBER has provided credible estimates of economic and fiscal impacts for decision-making. The work is typically done under contract. BBER has used our FOR-UNM economic forecasting mod... more
Economic Development in Indian Country Indigenous Planning
Students work in cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary teams on problems identified by leaders of Native institutions. Past classes have included architecture, planning, law, and business students, Nati... more
Education Opportunity Center
The Educational Opportunity Centers program provides counseling and information on college admissions to qualified adults who want to enter or continue a program of postsecondary education. An importa... more
Educational Opportunity Center (EOC), a TRiO grant
1. Project Description:
The overall objective of the EOC program is to help adult, low-income, (potential) first-generation college students, get into college. Participants are not limited to that ... more
El Centro de la Raza
El Centro was established to provide students an extended arm for continued learning outside the traditional classroom. Recruitment and Retention was the goal and now it is graduation from Bachelors i... more
El Centro de la Raza Internship
El Centro recruits for paid internships through a partnership with UNM's Service Corps. Interns are required to establish realistic goals that involve their education and community involvment. Focus... more
Empowering Navajo Adolescents
This project proposes to develop and test a Manual of Procedures (MOP) for a school-based intervention for preventing, decreasing, or delaying substance use by AI (specifically Navajo) adolescents. Sp... more
Endorphin Power Company
The Endorphin Power Company (EPC) is dedicated to improving the lives of people, with special focus on the substance-dependent and homeless, thus alleviating many of the challenges faced by current em... more
English 418/518 Proposal and Grant Writing
This course teaches students how to write persuasive grant, research, and business proposals. They learn how to locate funding opportunities and evaluate requests for proposals. Drawing off the princi... more
English 499 Internship
Students are mentored by writing professionals in various non-profit, service oriented professional work environments. We also, in several professional writing classes (for example, Engl 418, Proposa... more
Enhancing the public service component of the university
I have been conducting research and writing about contemporary changes in higher education, including the so-called privatization or corporatization of the university. I have given talks on the UNM ca... more
Envision New Mexico
Envision New Mexico is a statewide pediatric quality improvement program of UNM's Health Science Centers (UNM HSC) Department of Pediatrics.

Partners: state agencies, Indian Health Service, t... more
Ethics training for engineers
The New Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors requiring that all registrants complete 30 Professional Development Hours every biennium. Beginning in 2006, the Board requ... more
Evolutionary psychology; social/personality psychology
Research Interests
Evolutionary psychology; social/personality psychology. General interests concern the ways in which humans' current psychological design is a product of evolutionary selection. C... more
Evolutionary social psychology
Research Interests

Evolutionary social psychology is my main focus, especially the study of human mental adaptations for judgment, decision-making, strategic behavior, and communication in soci... more
Experimental and Clinical Behavior Analysis
Research Interests
Experimental and clinical behavior analysis. Primary research focuses on the experimental analysis of complex human behavior including stimulus equivalence and relational respond... more
Factors Influencing Decision-Making for the HPV Vaccine
This is a grant in progress. For more information contact:
Andrew Sussman -
Lisa Broidy -

RWJF - UNM... more
Family Development Program
The Family Development Program (FDP) makes significant contributions to critical goals that have been set for NM's early childhood policy agenda. As part of UNM's public trust, we have a strong his... more
Fellows in Optics and Photonics Education
Graduate students are paired with K-12 teachers to help develop curriculum, demonstrations, and lab experiments in the area of optics to help teachers improve science education in K-12 schools. The p... more
Feminist Research Institute
The Feminist Research Institute is dedicated to the production of scholarship on women, gender, and sexuality, and to the creation of intellectual community among feminist scholars at UNM. UNM has a l... more
First Book, Co-Chair ABEC Read to Me, Member Victory Hills Neighborhood
Smoke free campus - health... more
Fiscal Burdens and Resource Gaps of Children with Chronic Pulmonary Conditions i
Background: Many studies focusing on children with chronic pulmonary conditions examine families living in urban environments. Rural states provide challenges to families caring for children with chro... more
Fred Harris Congressional Internship Program
The provision of scholarship funds and practical experience to outstanding undergraduate students by working as Congressional Interns in Washington, DC. This program was developed as an remarkable opp... more
Friday Kids Program: Gifted-High Potential and Accelerated-Enrichment Program
Students participate in classes such as: Learning the Internet, Poetry Through Movement, News Writing & Reporting, Printmaking, Science Lab, Cartoon Drawing, Pottery Workshop, Self Defense for Self E... more
Functional neuroimaging and cognitive neuroscience
Research Interests
We utilize a variety of imaging methodologies, including magnetoencephalography (MEG), electroencephalography (EEG), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and transcranial direct curr... more
Gila Trout Recovery Team
The Gila trout recovery team is a multi-agency group of resource managers, scientists, and stakeholders charged with developing and implementing measures to recover the species from decline and extinc... more
GMT 306-007-015 (ITV); On-line: MGMT 306-023; MGMT 506-003
... more
Graduate Certificate Program in Town Design
1. To provide a focused education for graduate students with service-based learning as a fundamental component.
2. To provide the infrastructure for town design learning communitie... more
Graduate class that consults local organizations on strategy
This is a graduate class where students consult with local organizations about strategy. We use the SBI, run by Raj Mahto, to identify organizations that are interested in working with students. At ... more
Green Office Certification PIBBS
PIBBS is the Program in Interdisciplinary Biological and Biomedical Sciences. It is a graduate training program based out of the UNM Biology Department. The program directors and program coordinator c... more
Harvard PREM: Leadership in Biomaterials
The PREM will be working with NM teachers and students grades K-12 to teach them a variety of experiments/examples that they can do in the classroom. The idea is to get youth excited and more knowledg... more
Health psych, resilience & positive adaptation and improvement in health
Research Interests

My research program focuses on the factors that promote resilience and thriving and improve health and well-being. These factors include but are not limited to emotion regul... more
Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center HSLIC
The Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center (HSLIC) is the only federally-designated library serving the health science information needs of the state. The purpose of HSLIC's Distance Services... more
High Desert Writing Project HDWP
HDWP supports teachers in becoming better writers, better teachers of writing and more informed about the research in writing. Some teachers participate in writing. The summer institute is a place for... more
High School Equivalency Program (UNM HEP)
The University of New Mexico High School Equivalency Program (HEP) is a unique opportunity for individuals with migratory or seasonal farm working backgrounds. This program offers participants the opp... more
High School Equivalency Program HEP
The purpose of the HEP program is to offer its participants the opportunity to earn a GED certificate through intensive GED preparatory instruction, one on one tutoring, academic and career advisement... more
Himalayan Study Abroad, Nepal Study Center
Also known as the Society and the Environment, this Himalayan Study Abroad Program features environmental and cultural classes, guest lectures, visits to the origin and the exit points of the Bagmati... more
IberoAmerican Science Technology and Education Consortium ISTEC
Information and knowledge transfer to the Latin America. Support to marginilized communities in the implementation of Information Communication Technologies as tools for Social Development.... more
Identifying Factors Related to the Willingness to Pay for Cancer Prevention
Using survey data from the 2002 Health and Retirement Study, we analyze stated willingness to pay for a hypothetical anti-cancer medication. The survey allows stated willingness to pay to be defined b... more
The robotics laboratory facilities (IC-MARS Instrumentation/Automation/Robotics and IC-MARS Project/Shop Labs.) will be available for the students to research, develop, design, simulate, breadboard im... more
Initiatives to Maximize Student Diversity
The long-term goal of the UNM-IMSD program is to increase the numbers of competitive, under-represented minority students entering careers in biomedical research by enhancing undergraduate research, f... more
Institute for Medieval Studies
The Institute for Medieval Studies serves as a segue for a variety of Medieval Studies programs dedicated to university and civic outreach, as well as to the enrichment of scholarship, teaching, and r... more
Institute for Public Health
The mission of the IPH is to improve health status and reduce health disparities in New Mexico. The IPH promotes and coordinates public health research, education, and services through collaborations ... more
Institute of Meteoritics
The scanning electron microscope (SEM) and the electron microprobe are sophisticated scientific instruments that provide high magnification electron and x-ray imaging and compositional analysis at a m... more
Institute of Public Law
The Institute of Public Law was created in 1969 to serve as the public interest arm of the School of Law. It has provided quality law-related education, resources and services to promote excellence in... more
Integrated Environmental Health Middle School Program
IEHMSP facilitates collaboration between community stakeholders and classrooms. Through these classroom collaborations students learn first-hand that environmental health science (EHS) topics are rel... more
Interaction of environmental politics and policy, the production of expert knowl
Dr. Correia's research interests center on the intersections of environmental politics and policy, the production of expert knowledge and political economy. He maintains a regional focus on New Mexico... more
Internet to the Hogan ITTH
Information Technology Services' (ITS) role to Internet to the Hogan, Senator Tsosie's initiative, is to provide IT consultation services to the Navajo Nation's educational community regarding info... more
Intersections of feminist, queer, postcolonial and critical race theories. The r
Professor Brandzel's research fields include the intersections of feminist, queer, postcolonial and critical race theories; citizenship studies; legal studies; the rhetorical and political appeals to ... more
Johnson Center
Johnson Center provides activity space to a wide range of the New Mexico public in the following manner:
1. Provides 5 weeks of support at no cost to the National Youth Sports Program every summer.... more
Jonson Gallery
Enrich the aesthetic and intellectual environment of the University and Albuqueruque communities.
Public programs are a normal part of museum exhibitions and activities. It has been established th... more
Judicial Education Center
This site is designed for all New Mexico judges and court staff. The trainings in the Classroom and in the Interactive Courtroom are not graded, evaluated or recorded on an individual basis; however, ... more
KNME Ready To Learn Service
The PBS Ready To Learn Service has a mission to prepare all children for success in school through the reach of PBS children's programming and by broadening the awareness of PBS resources as educatio... more
KNME TeacherLine
KNME acts as a local course provider for PBS TeacherLine, a program which provides online professional development courses. KNME participates in the delivery of locally offered TeacherLine courses wh... more
KUNM Radio 89.9 FM
KUNM is a 24x7x365 radio station offering the best local, regional, national and international news and a diverse array of music and cultural programs.

KUNM broadcasts in a 60 mile radius f... more
La Meta
A guiding principle of La Meta (inspired by Dr. Ken Gross at the Vermont Mathematics Initiative) is that teachers should be treated as professionals with their own intellectual needs. Through La Meta ... more
Latin American & Iberian Institute LAII
The Latin American & Iberian Institute (LAII) supports the administration of UNM's interdisciplinary degree programs in Latin American Studies and the university's Latin American and Iberian activit... more
Latino/Hispano Education Task Force
I am working with this community group as part of my research to improve teacher education and to become more aware of community needs. I serve on the Executive Council and am a member of this Task F... more
Law Library Outreach Program
To accommodate communities outside of the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas, law librarians from UNM and the New Mexico Supreme Court Library visit public and academic libraries around the state, providi... more
Learning and memory, brain plasticity, and pharmacology
Research Interests
General interests: Learning and memory, brain plasticity, and pharmacology.

Specific interests: Spatial learning and navigation, effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on le... more
Learning disabilities Accessibility Services
The listserv ( allows learning-different students and families to share information with each other. Service providers such as Larry Fuller are also on the list and often answer ques... more
Legacy of Gender
Legacy of Gender: Women's Quest for Power; this course asks students to research community agencies that can be used for poor or disadvantaged women who need help with housing, childcare, medical acc... more
Lobo League
Lobo League is a volleyball league operated by the Women's Volleyball program at UNM. It has 180 teams in 7 coed divisions, 7 women's divisions, and 6 men's divisions. Matches are played on Saturda... more
Local Variation in Immigrant Demographic Growth and Helath Policy Trends
This is a grant in progress. For more information contact"
Lisa Cacari Stone


... more
LoGS is a dynamic, extendable log analysis engine that attempts to be useful for very large systems or large networks of systems.... more
Long Term Consequences of Bank Disinvestment in Neighborhood Crime
This is a grant in progress. For more information contact:
Maria Velez - or Chris Lyons -

RWJF - UNM... more
Martineztown House of Neighborly Service
The Martineztown House of Neighborly Service is the home of the annual Neighborhood Halloween Celebration.

MHNS is seeking a few good students to volunteer in the design and build of a Haunted ... more
Mate preferences and attraction.
Research Interests

My primary interest is in the study of health behavior from a social psychological perspective. Much of my work in health psychology has concerned sexual risk reduction in po... more
Melanoma Awareness
Project to Develop and Evaluate Community Awareness of Melanoma

Need networks and students who might be interested.

Can potentially offer part-time salary... more
Mercedes y Acequias: Land, Water, and Cultural Landscapes of NM
This UNM Field School is organized in partnership with the New Mexico Acequia Association. We are compiling documentation for a UNESCO nomination of the Acequia Systems and Culture of NM and Northern... more
Meteorite Museum Outreach
We are developing materials that will be used in new displays in the Meteorite Museum. These materials will also be made available on a website as a Virtual Museum so that it will be widely disseminat... more
Mothers Achieving Dreams Reaching Educational Success MADRES
Provide support and encouragement to students with children.-Fieldtrips with children -Discussion on various topics -Guest speakers ... more
MTTC Cleanroom Project
The UNM Manufacturing Training and Technology Center, on the UNM Science and Technology Park (STP), is a facility for workforce development, technology development, and economic development. To this ... more
Museum Studies 429/529
Three courses for undergraduate and graduate students at UNM at the ancient Maya and UNESCO World Heritage site of Copan, Honduras, in art history, archaeology, and museum studies. In the Museum studi... more
My Community NM
My Community NM is the State's only bilingual, on-line resource directory. The project, which began in 2002, has been developed through an ongoing partnership with community leaders from La Comunidad ... more
Nambe Tewa Language Revitalization Project
One of the most important outcomes of the dictionary and database will be the creation of language teaching materials and a Nambe Tewa language curriculum. This aspect of our project will be conducted... more
National Children's Study
The National Children’s Study is a long-term research project that will examine environmental influences on children's health and development in order to improve the health and well-being of childr... more
National Security Studies Program
e mission of the University of New Mexico (UNM) National Security Studies Program is to ensure that interested students develop the knowledge, skills and relationships necessary to successfully compet... more
Native American Access to Justice
Law Library provides free access to legal research databases to attorneys who agree to take native american cases pro bono. See more
Natural Heritage New Mexico
The dramatic landscapes of New Mexico harbor uniquely diverse plants and wildlife that are part of a natural heritage cherished by the people of our state. Natural Heritage New Mexico serves the peopl... more
Natural High Program
The mission of the Natural High Program is to provide alternatives to at-risk behavior through educational tutoring and mentoring, fine and performing arts, and recreational activiteis. The program a... more
NATV 150: Engaging Communities through Native American Studies
We connected students in groups with these four organizations/schools to work on a research project that was designed by the community in order to aid them in their work. It provided for a meaningful... more
NATV 450 Native American Newspaper Publications
The project came out of much thought and discussion with myself, Mary K. Bowannie, and other Native American Journalists across the country. I wanted to develop a class that included the nuts and bol... more
Navajo history and culture; Native American women, gender and feminism; and Indi
As the first-ever Diné/Navajo to earn a Ph.D. in history, Dr. Jennifer Nez Denetdale is a strong advocate for Native peoples and strives to foster academic excellence in the next generation of studen... more
Nepal Study Center
Nepal Study Center is registered under the College of Arts and Sciences, UNM. There is a research room dedicated to the Center, which is housed in the department of economics. In addition to a good ... more
Neuroimaging methods & cognitive processes
Research Interests
We use a variety of tools to investigate the relationship between the mind and brain. In association with The MIND Institute ( we employ structural and functio... more
Neuroscience and genetic approaches to the etiology and treatment of addiction.
Research Interests

Despite our best efforts over the last few decades, currently available treatments for addiction are, at best, modestly effective. Our lab has taken a two pronged approach to... more
New Mexico AIDS Education and Training Center NMAETC
NMAETC provides education in various modalities to health care providers throughout New Mexico on topics related to HIV/AIDS. As part of a national program, this project assists health care providers... more
New Mexico Area Health Education Centers
The New Mexico AHEC includes the Program Office at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque NM, and two Centers: Montanas del Norte AHEC in Las Vegas NM (located at Luna Community College), and Sou... more
New Mexico English Teacher Exchange
The New Mexico English Teacher Exchange prepares high school students for college writing and increases collaboration among secondary and post-secondary English teachers.The program pairs teachers fro... more
New Mexico Health Care Privacy & Security Project - Legal Working Group
The Agency for Health Research and Quality (AHRQ) selected Research Triangle Institute (RTI) as a prime contractor to manage and coordinate a nationwide study to analyze state law barriers to the crea... more
New Mexico Immunization Coalition
The NMIC works through subcommittees to increase awareness about immunizations, decrease barriers to care, improve systems and advocate for sound immunization policies.... more
New Mexico Immunization Coalition (NMIC)
The New Mexico Immunization Coalition (NMIC) is a statewide public/private partnership committed to improving New Mexico's immunization rates.

The vision of the NMIC is to achieve and sustain f... more
New Mexico Judicial Education Center
The New Mexico Judicial Education Center provides training and resources to judges and court personnel throughout the state. This includes annual conferences, special seminars, topical manuals, online... more
New Mexico Kids
Accessible via the New Mexico Kids Website, the management center enables authorized users to enter and access the most current and valuable information about the childcare profession in New Mexico. ... more
New Mexico Kids Child Care Resource & Referral
New Mexico Kids CCR&R is a grant funded program (through CYFD) that offers statewide referral services and technical assistance for families throughout New Mexico. We have a databased list of License... more
New Mexico Land Grant Studies Program
Thanks to support from the State of New Mexico, in 2008 the Southwest Research Hispanic Institute initiated a internship, research, and community outreach program focusing on the needs of the state's... more
New Mexico School-Based Obesity Prevention Policies: A Study of Community Percep
The overall goals were to study sustainability of health policy coalitions, the relationship of these coalitions to power structures, and the ability of coalitions to successfully advocate for healthy... more
New Mexico Women
The University of New Mexico Cancer Research and Treatment Center in collaboration with UNM College of Nursing, New Mexico Department of Health, New Mexico Primary Care Association, NM Indian Health S... more
Nexus: Religion in the Public University
NEXUS: Religion in the Public University is an ongoing series of public lectures on religion, ethics, and spirituality in American society. Lectures are free and open to the public. Each lecture is li... more
None For the Road - DWI Awareness Program
In 1993, the New Mexico Legislature passed several laws designed to combat the problem of drunk driving in the state. The legal intoxication level was lowered, stiffer penalties and fines for offende... more
Nonprofit fraud awareness and prevention
Under the guidance of the professor, a student team will work with a local nonprofit to assist the organization with fraud awareness/prevention, including review of internal controls, policy and proce... more
Off-label Use: The Case of Gabapentin
This is a grant in progress. For more information contact:
Nasreen Khan -

RWJF-UNM... more
Office for Community Health
The UNM Health Sciences Center (UNM HSC) is committed to serving the State of New Mexico through partnerships with the state’s other institutions of higher education, and a wide network of health ca... more
Office of the University Architect
Service to the state's architectural community as member of the architect's state licensing board. (NMBEA member, chair) Service to the country's architectural interns in developing license testin... more
P-16 Educational Assistant Associate Degree Program
Educational Assistants applied to the program. Students were selected to participate. A dedicated Academic Advisor was assigned to work with the students. They receive assistance in scheduling
... more
Para Los Ninos
Para Los Ninos (PLN) is a pediatric program at the University of New Mexico. The primary function of PLN is to provide medical evaluations for children and adolescents who have been sexually abused an... more
Parking and Transportation
... more
Participator Community Development Class offered at UNM, Trumbull Neighborhoo
UNM Counseling Department Core Courses... more
Pathways is designed to reduce unmet needs, address health inequities, and improve the overall health of the residents of Bernalillo County. It focuses on positive health outcomes by utilizing communi... more
Peace Studies Program
The Peace Studies Program seeks to involve students, faculty, staff and community members in the study and practice of conflict resolution, both locally, nationallly and internationally.

There... more
PEP 495 Community Internships
An important aspect in the preparation of exercise scientists is practical hands on experience in the health promotion/fitness workplace. In many cases, students have been offered employment after gr... more
Physical Education for Albuquerque Homeschoolers
We offer an on-campus physical activity program through the Albuquerque area Home-school Association. Children ages 2-11 attend a 30 minute physical education class on Thursday mornings for the last ... more
Physician Assistant Program Clinical Clerkship
Clinical clerkships in PA education are mandated by the accrediting agency, ARC-PA. Communities benefit by having mid-level providers in the clinics to see additional patients. Communities also lear... more
Poison and Drug Information Center
The Poison Center's education and outreach department seeks to make all New Mexicans aware of our services, and to educate New Mexicans about poison prevention. Student pharmacists are trained in pu... more
POLS 291/491 Internship
Academically prepared and motivated undergraduates may be placed as interns in public agencies, political offices, political campaigns, and voluntary organizations. Internships provide challenging and... more
POLS 291/491 New Mexico Legislative Session Internship
Students travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico during the spring semester each academic year to work in the office of one of the Legislative officials. They are permitted to attend roundhouse meetings and ob... more
Preventive Health Education in Afterschool Programs
Community health nursing students work with UNM Service Corps, Americorps and city staff of several afterschool programs to provide health education curricula and activities.This project was developed... more
Project for New Mexico Graduates of Color
The Project for New Mexico Graduates of Color recruits and retains current and future underrepresented students at the University of New Mexico. Strategic areas include academic and professional devel... more
Project Perfect World Surgical missions in Guayaquil, Ecuador
We travel to Guayaquil, Ecuador to effect surgical correction of congenital, post-traumatic, or post-infection bone and joint deformities in children. We carry all necessary personnel including surge... more
Proyecto Quisqueya
... more
Public Health, Tuberculosis and Infectious Disease in Chihuahua
Medical students (4th yr)and residents, and graduate students in nursing, public health or other disciplines, can earn credit and do internship or preceptorship work studying tuberculosis and other in... more
Public Health, Tuberculosis Control and Infectious Disease in Chihuahua
Medical students (4th yr)and residents, and graduate students in nursing, public health or other disciplines can spend 4-8 weeks earning credit (internship, clerkship or preceptorship) working in rura... more
Public health, tuberculosis eradication & conservation programs in Ache communit
Eradicate tuberculosis Improve quality of life and health Promote public health and conservation indigenous leadership

Background: Public need - to eradicate infectious diseases and to im... more
Pueblo of Cochiti Keres Language Revitalization Program
The Pueblo de Cochiti developed long and short-term goals to address the loss of Keres in different generations. This project has trained over 40 Keres language teachers, developed a basic curriculum,... more
Research Interests

Methodology, quantitative, health. Much of my published work concerns statistical methods, particularly those that are useful in investigations involving individual differenc... more
Quantitative, Health Psychology
Research Interests
The primary objective of my research is to examine empirically-based models of health behavior,
with an emphasis on applying advanced quantitative research methods (e.g., grow... more
Ready to Lead in Literacy
Ready to Lead in Literacy uses PVS children's programs as a teaching tool for parents, home schoolers, and day care providers to get children ready to learn when they enter elementary school.

... more
Reflejos de las Mujeres de Juarez
Students and community members will design and create memorials which will be part of a UNM installation. Students will host a workshop for community members to build dresses and an alter piece refl... more
Reproductive timing and allele length variation in the PolyQ domain of the Clock
The exact timing of spawning is critically important for reproductive success of minnows and other fishes. This project hypothesizes that allelic variation in the PolyQ domain in individu... more
Research Service Learning Program RSLP
RSLP was developed to help UNM accomplish its mission of civic responsibility, to better educate and inspire its students, to build strong partnerships with communities throughout New Mexico centered ... more
Resource Center for Raza Planning RCRP
Resourse Center for Raza Planning RCRP was formed to contribute to the community development efforts of traditional communities in New Mexico. The goal of RCRP is to maintain the sustainability and su... more
RN-BSN recruitment and retention program for rural NM
Potential RN-BSN students do not have access to a BSN unless the program is delivered in their area. The College of Nursing has done this via a fully Web based program for 5 years. However, many pote... more
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation -- Center for Health Policy
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Center for Health Policy is a collaborative project between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of New Mexico. The purpose of the Center is ... more
Rural Entrepreneur Institute
To establish the Rural Entrepreneur Institute for enrolled students to obtain a certificate or associate of arts degree in Entrepreneurship; provide workshops, entrepreneur expo and training; networki... more
Rural Health Interdisciplinary Program RHIP
12 healthcare disciplines are involved, from 4 colleges/univ. in NM. Approx. 100 students develop PBL cases and meet weekly to discuss them in interdisciplinary teams over 10 weeks in the spring. App... more
Saying No to Abstinence Only Education Funds
This is a grant in progress. For more information contact:
Deborah McFarlane - more
Science Education Institute of the Southwest
1- The Science Education Institute of the Southwest provides science professional development for K-12 teachers including courses, fellowships and workshops.

2- At SEIS we are constantly lookin... more
Science Education Institute of the Southwest
SEIS is involved in innovative research and professional development related to science education for K-16 educators. Specifically we organize one and multi-day workshops that provide content and sci... more
Service Corps
The project brings together a collective of UNM and CNM students to work in communities in the most marginalized areas of Albuquerque. The students often engage in aspects of CBR. I have taught classe... more
Service Learning through community engagement/Teaching Community: the Politic
... more
Service Learning/ English 219: Technical and Professional Writing
Service learning technical writing course in which students learn client management and communications skills by working with regional non-profit and community-based organizations by completing a writ... more
Sexual Victimization and Trauma
Research Interests
My research program attempts to understand the processes involved in the sexual victimization and revictimization of women by using a social information processing model (SIP) as... more
SOC 461 Paz y Vida in Nicaragua
In the Summer 2007 SOC 461 course in Nicaragua, the students initiated a relationship with the 50 women of Paz y Vida. We met in Granada, Nicaragua, where each woman told their own story of how much t... more
Socorro and Torrance County Outreach
Socorro and Torrance counties approached the Valencia Campus in the early 1990's to bring academic programs to their communities. Classes have been offered in the communities of Socorro, the Alamo N... more
Southwest Valley Drainage Project
The Resource Center for Raza Planning will be taking the community through a visioning process on a land designated for drainage. The land will be used as a drainage site and meet the vision of the c... more
Spanish as a Heritage Language Program
This is a lower-division Spanish program geared toward student who have a cultural/heritage connection to the language. We need more students. We offer 5 levels of instruction at the 100, 200, and 300... more
SPC ED 524 Advocacy & Empowerment with Individuals with Mental Retardation
The purpose of SPC ED 524 is for students to gain a deeper understanding of advocacy and empowerment as these concepts relate to individuals with disabilities.

The community-based project inco... more
STEM Education Outreach Programs
The purpose of the Central NM Science & Engineering Research Challenge (formerly NWNM Regional Science & Engineering Fair) is to interest young people in science and engineering and promote science an... more
Storehouse Project
The Storehouse Project is a community health clinical setting for Level 1 and Level 2 nursing students. In Level 1, the students assist clients with resource navigation, referral and health education.... more
Stress, Health, Well-being Lab
The purpose of the Stress, Health, and Well-being (“SHAW”) Lab is “to promote the life well-lived and to create a life worth living” in the midst of a variety of life’s challenges and stress... more
Student Support Services TRIO Program
Student Support Services-TRiO Program includes: instruction in basic study skills; one on one and group tutorial services; academic, financial, or personal advisement; assistance in securing admission... more
Study of Participatory Policy Development
This is a grant in progress. For more information contact:
Victoria Sanchez -

RWJF-UNM... more
Substance Abuse Studies Training Program SASTP
The University of New Mexico (UNM) Division of Continuing Education Substance Abuse Studies Training Program (SASTP) is specifically designed to recruit, train, and prepare Substance Abuse Counselors ... more
Substances and treatment in minority populations
Research Interests
My training and research interests have centered on substance abuse problems and recovery with an emphasis on Native Americans. My work has involved testing the cross-cultural ap... more
Sustainability in Action
To address community partcipation in energy developemnt at the local small scale. Biodiesel production in an appleseed processor provides a wedge to expose larger geo-political and environmental issue... more
Sustainability Studies Program
Problem: Human enterprise has radically changed Earth's ability to support life, thereby disrupting global, regional, and local processes central to security, health, and economic wellbeing. Solu... more
Systematic Review of the Impact of Race/Ethnicity or Type of Health Professional
Objective: The objective of this study was to review the success of delivering interventions aimed at modifying lifestyle behaviors in patients with type 2 diabetes as measured by reduction in glycosy... more
Systems neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience
Research Interests
1. Human brain imaging: blind source separation for high density EEG-based functional brain imaging---applications in laboratory and clinical research
2. Cross life-span inves... more
Taos Summer Writers
The Taos Summer Writers' Conference is a week long event held in July each year. The week is filled with workshops, cultural visits and events, readings and a variety of special presentations. For a ... more
Teachers Institute
Since 1999, the Teacher's Institute has offered credit-bearing graduate level seminars in academic content areas across the disciplines. More than 500 working teachers have taken part in workshops a... more
The County as Fundamental Unit of Health Access in the United States
This is a grant is progress. For more information contact:
Howard Waitzkin -
Lisa Cacari Stone -

RWJF-UNM... more
The Effects of Business Cycles on Mortality for Vulnerable Populations by Age an
This is a grant in progress. For more information contact:
Matias Fontenla -

RWJF-UNM... more
The International Symposium for Electronic Art 2012 (ISEA2012): Machine Wilderne
1. In the fall of 2012, a group of New Mexico organizations will present ISEA2012 Albuquerque: Machine Wilderness, a symposium and series of events exploring the discourse of global proportions on the... more
The Power and Sustainability in Health Policy Development
The overall goals were to study sustainability of health policy coalitions to power structures, and the ability of coalitions to successfully advocate for healthy policies. Specifically, this project ... more
The Regionalism Initiative
Information Technology Services will provide consultation of systems that will facilitate planning and capture data. This initiative will address the diversification trend in land use, educational pro... more
The Socioeconomic Impacts of Teenage Pregnancy: Disparities by Race and Ethnicit
This is a grant in progress. For more information contact Philip Ganderton -
RWJF-UNM... more
Theatre 444/544-Outreach Company
Students in this course spend class time rehearsing a short play (lasting from 45-60 minutes and then touring it to perform in area schools. Our students get the experience of touring into venues and... more
THRIVE: Teen Health Resiliency Intervention for Violence Exposure
THRIVE is a community-based participatory research project that seeks to promote the mental health and well-being of American Indian youth by addressing violence exposure and historical and chronic tr... more
Trail of Time: Geoscience Education in the National Parks
The Trail of Time is an interpretive walking timeline trail that focuses on Grand Canyon vistas and rocks to guide visitors to ponder, explore, and understand the magnitude of geologic time and the st... more
Transportation Information - Way to Go
Keep the community informed about UNM Construction Projects and the impact of these projects on utilties and traffic. To keep the UNM community informed about how regional road construction projects ... more
Understanding the Social Costs of Natural Disasters
This is a grant is progress. For more information contact:
Wendy Hansen, or Alok Bohara,

RWJF-UNM... more
University of New Mexico Press
UNM Press publishes nearly eighty books annually in the fields of anthropology, history, literature, natural history, regional studies, fiction, and a variety of other subjects. The press also distrib... more
Upward Bound
1. Upward Bound provides fundamental support to participants in their preparation for college entrance. The program provides opportunities for participants to succeed in their precollege performance a... more
Upward Bound Program
Upward Bound is a college readiness program funded by the Department of Education to improve high school dropout rates and encourage students to attend college.

Objective: To improve the high s... more
Utton Transboundary Resources Center
Senator Domenici initially helped acquire federal funding for the Utton Center to help states avoid interstate litigation over shared water resources. In addition, the Center has involved water users... more
Wild Friends Program
Mission: To provide a statewide voluntary, informal education program that integrates civics and wildlife law education and incorporates state education content standards to help students in grades 4... more
Wildlife Law News Quarterly and Weekly Alerts
The Wildlife Law News Quarterly and Weekly Alerts evolved in response to a need for state fish and wildlife agencies, attorneys, environmental groups and others to stay apprised of the very latest sta... more
Workforce Training
Customized training for business, industry and government entities, offered on campus or at a place of business--to prepare both incumbent and dislocated workers to enter the workforce or to advance i... more
Writing Across Communities
The WAC initiative promotes writing across the curriculum as well as across the academic life of students in and beyond college, offering support to faculty and students for negotiating the demands of... more
Youth Development and Diagnostic Center
The Creative Writing Program (MFA students and Creative Writing faculty)will offer writing workshops at the Youth Development and Diagnostic Center. The Creative Writing Program believes that connect... more

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