New Mexico Land Grant Studies Program

Southwest Hispanic Research Institute 
Geographic Area Served

New Mexico State-wide
Project Description
Thanks to support from the State of New Mexico, in 2008 the Southwest Research Hispanic Institute initiated a internship, research, and community outreach program focusing on the needs of the state's 30 active community land grants and their communities. The emphasis of the first year of this program is on connecting students from the various UNM campuses with these land grant communities and providing hands-on community capacity building experience for students.
Undergraduates and graduate students enrolled as a full-time student at any UNM campus.
Contact Information:
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1829 Sigma Chi Rd., NE
 1829 Sigma Chi Rd., NE
MSC 02 1680
1 University of New Mexico
Email Telephone
Main 505 277-2965
Fax 505 277-4099
Southwest Hispanic Research Institute

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