Graduate Certificate Program in Town Design

School of Architecture and Planning 
Dr. Mark Childs
Geographic Area Served

New Mexico State-wide
Project Description
1. To provide a focused education for graduate students with service-based learning as a fundamental component.
2. To provide the infrastructure for town design learning communities and policy discussion.

1. Provides a transcripted certificate in Town Design to graduate students
2. Provides Policy and design analysis and design recommendations to agencies, non-profits, and community groups
3. Hosts conferences and forums on Town Design issues for elected officials, agency directors, professional groups, and the public
4. Establish and host town design learning communities
1. For certificate: Admitted to the program 2. For courses: Graduate student in School of Arch & Planning 3. For agencies. community groups: Projects that fit the pedagogy of the course

Course Information

Course #:
A transcripted certificate program which offers courses within the School of Architecture & Planning 

Contact Information:
Location Mailing Address
UNM Main Campus
2414 Central Ave. SE
 UNM Main Campus
MSC04 2530
Email Telephone
Dr. Mark Childs
Dr. Mark Childs 277-5059
School of Architecture and Planning

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